How to Deal With Siblings fight

Being the parents of more than one child has moments of joy and some of the hard or not so good parts, for instance, the sibling rivalry and fights are one of the constant attributes. Though the conflict between siblings is not always bad, however, if you don’t know how to deal with it or contain it, it can turn into a serious situation which will require your guidance. This means that it is important for the parents to know the strategies to mediate or control the siblings’ fights. Similarly, fight to ride on cars is an also another cause of fights between siblings who are younger than ten years. Following are the main tips.

Anger Management

It may sound exaggerated to some of the readers, however, if you notice the different household and how they raise the kids, the techniques of managing or controlling the anger is often missing in the parenting styles. As a result, the siblings grapple with emotional control as well. For instance, children may start fighting over little things and they end up ruining the environment of the house in addition to influencing the younger siblings. Hence, parents should focus on the techniques that can contain the anger or if they see any triggers in the children, it should be addressed to prevent it from becoming the permanent part of the personality.

Team Building

One of the best ways to encourage the element of cooperation among the children is to divide them into teams and get them involved in activities which would require relying on each other in addition to coordination. The main aim is to make them realize how important it is to work with other siblings and how to make things work despite the odds. Likewise, the differences can also be overcome if they learn to value each other in addition to celebrating the team spirit.


Even though being patient is stressed by parents, however, when it comes to the application of tolerance and patience in the real life, children struggle with it. This can be changed if the parents set a good example in terms of showing the high moral grounds and patience with children and outsiders. In simple words, if the children are aware of the value, it would show them how things can become easy for them. For example, a moment of patience or tolerance can save them from regret or saying something to younger siblings which they would take back in the days to come.


Of course, children fight and no matter how hard you try to stop it as the parent, it tends to happen. In this case, acting as the mediator is probably one of the best options. For instance, if you kids cannot seem to resolve the difference or conflict, you can mediate it by hearing the both sides and guide them to find the common grounds. The main aim is to build the bridges and decrease the elements of misunderstanding between them.


The ability to understand the other side or different perspective helps to reduce the differences between people, which could also be applied in the case of your family dynamics. For example, the parents should try to stress how important it is to hear and give weight to the different opinions so that siblings would apply it in their interaction and if they successfully learn to implement it in terms of internalizing it, the siblings’ fights would also be reduced.

Open Mind

The value of thoughts is often downplayed, but if one wants to achieve a big change in terms of making a difference, the thoughts should be in the right shade. For instance, if you teach the children to be nice to others and look at the positive angle in every situation, they would do the same things with siblings’ rivalry. Moreover, it would help them to entertain thoughts that are new to them. In other words, if the children are open to others and have the courage to try new things, the narrow frame of mind responsible for nurturing negative emotions would be curbed.

Good Parenting

This is probably one of the vital factors which can address all the problems of siblings, for instance, if you have the older siblings who are polite with the older ones, they would be passing on good values to the younger ones. Moreover, if the older siblings are responsible, chances are, the younger one would adopt them. This would also help to bring all the siblings on the same page. This is not to say that the tendency of fighting can be removed completely, but the chances of tussle can be managed to a large extent.


This tip is for those children who are not good at containing the negative emotions; the main purpose is to assist them in looking at the bigger picture and provide them with the options to control the problems. For instance, in some of the coaching sessions, children are given the time to express the emotions and talk about the possible difficulties. Another advantage of getting the help for children is that if the child is having a hard time with the other siblings, he/she could be having the same problem with the parents. So, if you get it fixed, the problems at two different levels can be resolved.

Role of Love and Care

If the older siblings are loving and caring, they would not only have the healthy relationship with the parents, but the younger siblings would also get the advantages. This is why it is good to teach the kids to love the other siblings even when they don’t want to because love and care are what makes the individuals a good person. And if the children cannot be nice to each other, their adult life will also not be stable. In other words, the significance of all the values mentioned above can help to sort the differences and the rivalry among siblings and fights would be reduced.



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